Let McCullough and Associates help with the heavy accounting calculations and projections.

Business Accounting

As a owner or manager, your time at work is best spent operating your business and generating profits.  Working with McCullough & Associates, LLC on your business accounting will free up more of your time to do what it is you do best — run your business. 

Accounting services offered by McCullough & Associates, LLC include:

Bank Reconciliation

Reconciliation of your bank statement allows McCullough & Associates, LLC to keep your bank accounts, accounting records, and taxes updated. 

Financial Statements

A professionally-prepared income statement prepared by McCullough & Associates, LLC will allow your business to:

  • Track revenues and expenses of the business to determine operating performance.
  • Determine the areas of the business that are under-budget or over-budget.
  • Identify and track unexpected expenditures.
  • Identify the business’ tax liability.

Balance Sheets

A professionally-prepared balance sheet gives a view of your business and its financial state at a specific point in time. The advantages of McCullough & Associates, LLC preparing a balance sheet for your business include:

  • Analyzing trends in payables and receivables.
  • Determining the adequacy of cash reserves.
  • Quickly defining the financial state of the business.
  • Identifying the natural cycle of business revenues and expenses.
  • Examining cash flows and financing needs.
  • Structuring loans to work for your business now and in the future.

General Ledger Maintenance

A business’ general ledger is the core of its financial records. Each transaction is entered into this ledger, and maintaining accurate records is essential to the preparation of other financial statements. Working with an accounting professional to maintain your business’ general ledger will:

  • Remedy any discrepancies in payments.
  • Ensure the ledger is accurate to serve as a basis for future financial statements.
  • Confirm proper recognitions and correct classifications of revenues and expenses.

In the 19 years that I have been in business, I have exclusively relied on McCullough and Associates, LLC. We depend very heavily on Terry McCullough and the expertise that his firm offers. We sit down and do quarterly, annual, and semi-annual reviews, and they help us to stay focused on our goals at hand. In addition to the great financial advice that they provide through the years, they also give me input on laws that we have to abide by in terms of human resources, which have become pretty complicated as we’ve grown. The McCullough & Associates staff has been able to provide us with some outstanding recommendations. We are a completely debt-free company, and it is because of the excellent advice that McCullough & Associates, LLC, has offered us throughout the years. Bottom line, McCullough & Associates is a numbers firm through and through, and they were able to put long-term financial solutions in place to give me peace of mind and a lot of confidence going forward.

Jim Quesenberry
-Owner, Corporate Business Systems

Association of Certified Fraud Examiners - CFE
Member of AICPA - National professional association for CPAs
Missouri Society of Certified Public Accountants