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As Chief Financial Officer of Springfield First Community Banks, I have the responsibility of managing human resource tasks, like keeping track of payroll inputs and processing. Because of our highly-regulated industry, I needed a business that I could trust to accurately and successfully complete payroll services for us.

McCullough & Associates, LLC has really come through for us since day one. They take my data however I send it and whenever I send it, so I don’t have to change any formatting. Everybody is always paid promptly with a proper account of their often complex benefits package. The regulatory reports and taxes are taken care of. We are even the first on our block to get our annual W-2’s. Everyone thinks I do it all, but they don’t realize that all the work is taken care of behind the scenes. My job is done and everyone is happy, thanks to the staff at McCullough & Associates, LLC!

Kirk Bossert
-CFO, Springfield First Community Bank

In the 19 years that I have been in business, I have exclusively relied on McCullough and Associates, LLC. We depend very heavily on Terry McCullough and the expertise that his firm offers. We sit down and do quarterly, annual, and semi-annual reviews, and they help us to stay focused on our goals at hand. In addition to the great financial advice that they provide through the years, they also give me input on laws that we have to abide by in terms of human resources, which have become pretty complicated as we’ve grown. The McCullough & Associates staff has been able to provide us with some outstanding recommendations. We are a completely debt-free company, and it is because of the excellent advice that McCullough & Associates, LLC, has offered us throughout the years. Bottom line, McCullough & Associates is a numbers firm through and through, and they were able to put long-term financial solutions in place to give me peace of mind and a lot of confidence going forward.

Jim Quesenberry
-Owner, Corporate Business Systems

 I am originally from eastern Arkansas, but I had been using an accountant in the Memphis area to handle my financial reports.  When I began living in Springfield, I realized I wanted a CPA firm in this area. I met with Terry McCullough and the McCullough & Associates staff, and I was impressed by their professionalism and welcoming personalities. I first had McCullough & Associates, LLC help with my Missouri company, and they online casino usa blew me away with the accuracy, professionalism, and work ethic that the staff encompassed. I was so accustomed to having to go over everything myself, just to make sure there were no additional mistakes or entry errors.  However, I have met my match with McCullough & Associates, LLC, and to this day I haven’t found one mistake on the work they’ve done for me. Needless to say, they handle all of my CPA needs now.

McCullough & Associates, LLC works for me like no other CPA firm has. What I enjoy most about working with this firm is that when I give my work to them, I know it’s going to be handled correctly in a timely and professional manner. I have never been accustomed to this kind of personal service and care from a CPA firm, and I can definitely say that McCullough & Associates, LLC has put my mind at ease. I have absolutely no concern whatsoever that when I send off a tax return, or any kind of return, the McCullough & Associates staff has it handled. 

Between financial reports, tax filings, and solid investment advice, McCullough & Associates, LLC has had my businesses covered for the past 18 years, and I wouldn’t dream of working with any other firm. I would refer Terry McCullough and the McCullough & Associates staff to anyone who is interested in securing a professional CPA. 

Paul Cox
-President, Cox Oil Company Inc.
-Owner/Operator, Bullseye Convenience Stores

I would strongly recommend McCullough and Associates, LLC .  I have been doing business with them for over 30 years for one S Corporation, an LLC and for my personal taxes.   I have a variety of tax needs with an S Corporation, an LLC and my own personal taxes.  Whether I need assistance cost-basis accounting or a year-end statement for my corporations, they are prompt and always very professional.  Terry and his staff keep up with tax changes and inform me of anything I might need to know to about tax regulations.  

James M. Crighton
-President, Willard Development Co., Inc.


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Self-employed taxpayers should consider their options carefully when it comes to applying tax benefits for their own education tuition and expenses. Tax law provides multiple ways to benefit from the educational expenses and one may provide more benefit to you than another based on your particular set of circumstances. In addition, your tuition may qualify for one tax benefit while other education expenses qualify for another.

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